Cooking Culture: Chef Hal Yamashita & Guests

The Studio is honored for celebrity chef Hal Yamashita to join us directly from Japan as he prepares to open his first ever restaurant in America, right here in Napa Valley. Moderated by host Katie Hamilton Shaffer, chef Yamashita shareS his passion for culinary arts and his highly anticipated exciting plans in the beautiful wine country.

ABOUT COOKING CULTURE: Food is a common bond. A shared necessity and delight, it’s as key to art as it is to life. History has continued to document our need to nourish. From still life paintings to cult TV, food sustains many of our great cultural works and has a way of bringing people together that other life experiences may not. It can persuade, romance, celebrate and comfort. Cooking is a culture.

The term “Nouvelle Japanese” played a big part in Chef Hal Yamashita’s distinctive style of cuisine when he grew up in the city at a time that allowed entry to foreigners, ushering an era of global cuisine. Since then, Chef Hal has worked towards perfecting his craft.

A native of Kobe in Japan. A graduate of Osaka University of Arts, Faculty of Arts Degree. A few years later, he traveled around the world to explore the cuisine. In 2017, Hal became a member of Iron Chef All Stars. Chef Hal is known as a Maestro of contemporary Japanese cuisine in Japan. He features fabulous cuisines with Japanese Umami by Hal Yamashita methods.
“Shin-Washoku ” is exactly a newly created category by Chef Hal. He created the newly word “Shin-Washoku”. “Shin”means “New” in Japanese. In recent years, the word of “Shin-Washoku” has widely spread. Award winning Chef Hal focus on potentiality of the ingredients for his cuisine. His cooking philosophy is to emphasize the natural flavors of the ingredients through a careful selection of flavor combinations and condiments. He integrates a new technique into his cuisine. Chef Hal’s Shin-Washoku has his own philosophy. His great progress was used as a documentary story on Japanese television show which was broadcasted nationwide.

In 2003, he opened “NADABAN DINING”,the first restaurant of his own in Kobe. Just one year later, “NADABAN DINING” ranked high in its first appearance on ZAGAT SURVEY in 2004, Also NADABAN DINING got the top rate on The Nationwide Internet Ranking as long as half a year in the same year.

In 2007, he opened a restaurant “HAL YAMASHITA Tokyo” in Mid Town Tokyo Roppongi.

In 2010 he has been invited to the event “From the Land of The Rising Sun. A Japanese Arts Celebration” held by Worldwide Hotel Group as the sole guest chef. HAL YAMASHITA Cuisine Fair was taken place there, and it was extremely flourishing. He also participated in the World Gourmet Summit in Singapore as a representative of Japanese Master Chef . Furthermore,he received an award “The Honor of World Best Chef “ at the event.

In 2012, he also participated in the World Gourmet Summit in Abu Dhabi as a representative of Japanese Master Chef. The second consecutive appearance for World Gourmet Summit is unprecedented. In 2012, he also opened two restaurants “TOP TABLE ” in Tokyo Sky Tree Town and “HAL YAMASHITA Osaka” at Hankyu Department store in Osaka.

In 2018, he opened a restaurant “NADABAN by HAL YAMASHITA” in Mid Town Tokyo Hibiya.

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