Cashew & Chicken Thai Noodles

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This is what happens when a) your 5 year old requests peanut butter salad of sorts b) you are craving Thai food c) your best friends son is coming over for dinner and is allergic to peanuts. Enjoy this quick and easy dish which can be served hot OR placed in fridge as chilled noodle salad.

Cashew & Chicken Thai Noodles (Serves 4-6)

Instructions & Ingredients:
1 – Whole Rotisserie Chicken (fully shred chicken)
1/2 C. – Chicken Broth
1 Tb. – Grapeseed or Olive Oil
Chopped items to place on top of noodles to your desire:
– Chopped Mint
– Chopped Basil
– Chopped Pickled Ginger
– Chopped Yellow and Orange Peppers
– Chopped Water Chestnuts
It is suggested to chop the above items and place in separate bowls for guests to place on top of their noodles to the amount they wish

2 – 14 oz. Box of Japanese Udon Noodles
2 Tb. Olive Oil
Bring large pot to a boil with dash of olive oil and pinch of salt. Cook until al dente. Udon noodles can clump very easily so ensure you wash them well and separate noodles so they don’t stick together.

NOTE: in this cooking segment Katie cooked 2 boxes of Udon in order to have extra noodles on hand for kids later in the week. If you do not wish to have additional noodles on hand 1 box would suffice.

2 c. Salted Cashews
1/2 c. Soy Sauce
1 Garlic Clove (roughly chopped)
3 Tb. Honey
3 Tb. Rice Wine Vinegar
1/2 c. Toasted Sesame Oil
3/4 c. Coconut Milk
Place all ingredients in blender or mixer. Course mix until blended and achieve the chunks of cashew you wish. Some may like this more blended where this version left chunks of cashews.

For a hot noodle salad heat a skillet with 1 Tb. grapeseed or olive oil. Add chicken, broth, noodles and soy cashew sauce. Heat until noodles are covered. Place in large bowl for Family Style Service and chopped accoutrements on table for service!
If you choose to make this a chilled salad, place ingredients in large bowl and refrigerate over night. Chopped items to your desire listed above can be put in advance or when served.

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