Ooey Gooey Grilled Cheese & Fresh Tomato Soup

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This segment is especially special as Katie’s 5 year old daughter, Quinn, joined her live in The Studio to cook up a FEAST, Family Style. This fresh and simple soup is a classic kid pleaser…and adults will love the quick spin too!

Ooey Gooey Grilled Cheese & Fresh Tomato Soup (Serves 6)

Instructions & Ingredients:

2 Tb. – Reserved Bacon Fat Drippings
4 – 28 oz. Cans Whole Organic Peeled Tomatoes (drained, reserve juices if wish to add)
1 – Small Yellow Onion
4 C. – Fresh Cherry Tomatoes
5 – Large Basil Leaves
1 C. – Clover Cream
2-4 C. – Chicken Broth (based on your desired consistency and flavor)
Salt & Pepper to taste

Add bacon fat drippings into large stock pot. Heat until melted and add onion. Cook until translucent and begins to caramelize. Add both varieties of tomatoes and cook until tomatoes begin to break down. Remove from heat and add broth and cream. Use hand blender to blend to the soup texture you desire. Add salt & pepper to taste.

2 – French Baguettes
2 – Burrata Cheese Cartons (dried in paper towel to soak up moisture)

Slice baguettes on bias and cut into the size you wish for sandwich. Butter inside of bread. Heat skillet and place buttered bread side down. Place burrata cheese on top of what was the top and bottom of baked bread initially. With this cheese it will begin to soak out the water within the cheese. Continue to pull that up into the bread as it creates a tasty cruchy cheese on the outer portion and melty goodness inside. Place pieces together to form a standwich and press down to compound the bread. Continue to press down on sandwich. Pull off heat when sandwich is melted and crunchy! Serve together with love and warm tomato soup.

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